Banned from

I got banned for no reason! I just uploaded one thing, and got banned for it. It was something that “I” made, and was not against the rules of the site.

May I ask if anyone has any more information on this problem, or incident that I may have done to get banned?
I really think there should be a specific reason on the page saying why you got banned.
I would appreciate an answer from the good people on FP, thank you.

not downloading the link if you got banned who knows whats in it. better to give a description of what you posted?

This is why I DON’T upload on

Ok, I downloaded the file, you could of just put it on some image hosting site instead.

Tell us what you uploaded.

It’s safe

I established that, I wanted to know what it is he uploaded to that got him banned.

I uploaded some new weapons that I had made, and of course got banned for it.

If you got banned it was for a good reason. Sorry mate nothing more anyone else can do for you All bans on are permanent

You’re not showing us what you uploaded

All of my files have been removed, therefore all I can show you is the gun’s location.


So you took those guns and uploaded them?

I asked permission of the owner, and then hexed them into gmod, and added a base to them. A couple days later… Ban

That’s the vicious cycle of sometimes.

Although that doesn’t seen like a legitimate reason to be banned, since you did do actual work on it.

I wonder why uploads and downloads are banned, not just uploads?

I assume it’s supposed to be a form of punishment for doing something against the rules or, as it seems here, for no good reason yet to be identified.

I find this too hard even on those who actually deserved the ban.

That’s the thing, the people who do deserve it, and the people who don’t, like me. I don’t understand why, maybe someone got mad at me for doing it? It’s just a huge mystery that really does need to be sorted out and fixed soon.

I think we should just put on Download-Only, that way we could shift to Workshop & more modern methods and the legacy content wouldn’t be deleted.


email garry
find oout