Banned from

lol blows, I got banned a few years ago for pointing out a sql injection exploit in their login form.

I’m fine with actually, I just wish garry would listen to my suggestion of enlisting a group of people to weed out rulebreaking addons

that and stop using facebook, I know it was to get rid of trolls but he just made it worse

I’m not really a fan of the disqus/facebook stuff either, it just seems out of place and un-needed to login to yet another third party service just to post simple comments on a file after having already signed in through steam (which is really fun if you dont keep cookies).

Can I get a show of votes to who thinks we should keep comments as is, get rid of them completely, or change to another comment system?

I prefer the old comment system, it was still bad but people actually put out what they thought about the models and there were actually some funny stuff that came out of there, especially when nude models were still allowed.

It would still be bad but at least people could say what they think about it, now it’s all “playermodel plz”

GMod 13 will use Workshop only, probably, so won’t even exist after GMod13 comes out because the code will be broken, and everything “will be broken.”

yeah what a smart move to just delete

totally a good idea

Unfortinatly Garry said. “As long as is still being used i will keep it up” Which could take some time to do so unless everyone goes all Workshop

I go full-workshop with everything I’ve done since January, because it eliminates a LOT of the shit throws at me for making requests. I have one friend who continually asks for players, and when I make them people have diarrhea all over the comments. I lost count of how many people I’ve blocked.

On that topic, it’s okay for other people to make requests & have them made, but not myself because I’m not a “Facepunch God” as I’ve been told once before. Elitism at its finest, people.

At least Steam Workshop gives me control over the comments on my uploads so I can just block & delete troll comments immediately.

I’ve been here since 2008, and no other community I’ve yet seen has been able to create as much hatred, kiddie-roleplay (Read: DarkDM), elitism, and trolling as this. Granted I love this game & enjoy modifying it, but the community ruins much of it for me.