Banned from london dev server

Hi guys,

Me and my 5 mates all playing London dev server then it disconnected, when we finally re-connected 10 mins later one of my friends could not get on and it said :You are banned from this server:

Its not a vac or eac ban, and no cheating has taken place

how can we get around this? or get my friend un banned?


it was me that he is referring to the server had been timing out all the time. and as soon as i clicked to reconnect it popped up saying EAC BAN. and now it says you are banned from this server i have not used any cheat/hack at all !

Server been hacked by some guys, who banned a lot of players tho’

yowar, supply your steam id here so EAC or holmzy can see if it’s a legit ban or the recent bug.

[DEL][/DEL]It’s OK thanks for your help I have already been unbanned by holmzy on another post kind regards yowar87