Banned from London I

Hello dear Facepunch team. Unfortunately i got a bit to excited today, as another noclip hacker got banned in London I.
I got so excited of the BAN HAMMER that i got hammered my self.
I know it’s cliche, but i apologize and im sorry for the spam. I don’t think that i deserved the perma perma ban from London I
Is there a way that ban can be lifted?

My steam profile:

PS: I’m not lying, it really is my birthday.

Good to see someone moderating since this is the same chat that had people spamming racism but I hope this gets changed to a temp ban (assuming the spam was the reason)

i i cant believe u got banned for 3 lines of spam

Has posting on this forum ever resulted in a ban reversal?

Only if you’re talking about forum bans. That’s what the Refugee Camp is for (and it’s the only forum you can see and post in while banned on the forum). The mods are actually pretty reasonable about people breaking rules without understanding they’ve broken them, and an apology and a promise that you’ve learned and won’t repeat X-bad-behaviour will usually get you a reduction or an unban. If you’ve been around for years or it’s your third ban for the same thing, you’re maybe not going to get as sweet a deal since you should’ve known better. *I’m not a mod, I can’t promise you anything as far as ban mercy goes, it’s just the general way the mods go about things here and have for years.

It’s never reversed a VAC/EAC ban (Steam Support is the only ones you can talk to about VAC, and so far nobody’s come back with proof of an unban, and the EAC guys browse this forum but run their own as well), and the devs have begun to issue bans on the official servers for disruptive chat and hacking. As of yet, I have not seen any official dev response in the forums on their policy about server bans for spamming the chat, but so far nobody who’s been hit by one has reported an unban.

I do think these occasional visits from Admin/FP team members might help with the hackers some. However, I hope they are actually catching some hackers, and not just banning people for chat spam.

That’s like the cops passing out speeding tickets while people are getting murdered a block away. (not comparing hacking to murdering, just comparing two extremes.)

Seems like both, frank.

Doh! Thanks for pointing that out.

Apparently there was a guy on Seattle last night that had some crazy hacks. Couple people I ran into had said he was killing them with spears from like 50 meters away. From what I heard he was no-clipping and just killing everyone in his path like an angry god. Then the server shutdown like there was a DDOS attack, restarted after a few minutes of 0/500 pop and 300+ ping, and he was gone (I think). I never saw him but the chat was lit up with people complaining and while I was barrel hunting I ran into a few people that got killed by him.

Well, so far i have found out, that the ban was placed by Garry it self. Got in contact Facepunch devs by email. Seems even more odd. What ever i have done to Garry. Well let’s see and wait for the answer.
Meanwhile my Recent Game Activity has fallen from 120 to 96.5 hours past 2 weeks. FML there goes my world record.

PS: and it still is my birthday. At least for some hours.

All those rockets & you can’t use em :smile:. Gotta be frustrating.

I was literally just about to post this. Do we know if his admin rocket whoring influenced it at all?

I wonder if this has something to do with my ban :tinfoil:

Can’t see how it would - it’s not like you duplicated them yourself, and they could take them back if they wanted to.

Still banned. Seems odd. No one is willing to tell me for what the ban was earned.

If they are not responding or answering the specific question of why you were banned its mostly likely due to cheating. I could be wrong but if it was due to some sort of behavior I’m sure they’d be more open.

You probably should read the entire thread before making claims like that.

As far as I understand, he is only banned from London I, so if he’s a cheater, that would be a selfkick for FP, since he now stops cheating on that server and EAC can’t finish his work.

Also, he is only banned on that server, he could just go on another official server. That makes no sense for me if he’s a confirmed cheater.

I’m sorry, I do not really take anything serious from someone who says he is banned, so most of what he says is not really relevant, besides I’m just speculating.

He wasn’t banned for cheating. Read the thread in its entirety and you’ll see the reason.

Most people do not take words from a banned person serious. For all we know he is 100% lying. Thus we will tell him that it depends on what his actions were.