Banned from my own local server.

I was testing a custom weapon in the local server you can start on the “Start New Game” option, and to test it I killed about 30 innocents as a detective, and I was kicked for low karma. I tried to re enter, and it turns out I am banned. Can anyone help me fix this, because I really need to test this and I can’t download a server right now.

You have the option of waiting about an hour since the ban and it should be lifted. I suggest you configure your server configuration (“server.cfg”) in your “cfg” folder in the path directory of the game. Add this line to it:

ttt_karma 0

Afterwards karma bans should no longer be possible on your local server. :smile:

tick ListenServer and add once to your server.cfg
unban STEAM_0:(you know your steamid, right?)
and set the maxplayers to at least 2.

also you should dl an local srcds. its so much more convient to have.