Banned from my server?

Whenever I want to play Garry’s Mod with one of my friends we just click start game on the main menu and select the smallest amount of players… Well I went to do that today and it popped up with the message “You’re banned from this server.” and I have no idea how I banned myself. I don’t remember doing it, but there must have been a time when I did this. I obviously can’t join the game to use the console so I can unban myself so does anyone know how to fix this? I searched the Garry’s Mod file in steamapps/common for a ban file and I checked both bannedip and banneduser and nothing was in them.

It could be an addon that you are subscribed to that did this, in which case you should find out what addon it is, and post it here so it can be dealt with.

I doubt it because I just did a complete reinstall of everything on my PC and unsubbed from every addon on Garry’s Mod.

-Falco’s Prop Protection
-Falco’s small Scripts
-NutScript Content

Are you running a dedicated server?

A server addon might cause this, so if you are using a dedicated server, only the addons on the dedicated server are actually ran.

Try disabling ALL of the addons after unbanning yourself and try again. ( Delete yourself from cfg/banned_ip.cfg and cfg/banned_user.cfg )

Both of them are empty and I’m pretty sure I don’t use a dedicated server because the way I start it is in-game I click “Start New Game”.

Have you tried DISABLING ALL of your addons? An addon might be kicking you out of the game with that reason. I have seen addons do this.

Yes I have tried disabling and uninstalling every single addon.

Did you restart your game after uninstalling/disabling your addons?

If yes, then I have no idea.

You shouldn’t be getting any problems if both those files are empty and you don’t have any addons.

Check in garrysmod/cfg/banned_users.cfg and banned_ip.cfg (not sure if those are the exact names) and make sure thkse are empty. Also delete and bans.txt files in garrysmod/data/ if you’re using ULX and ULib.

Try delete sv.db file from …\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod