Banned from own Evolve Server

Here’s my problem. My friend who’s name i dare not mention, ACCIDENTALLY perma-banned me from my own Evolve server, forcing me to switch to ulx which SUCKZ. I finally decide im going to get it working again but i don’t know how to unban myself. I uninstalled and re-installed Evolve completely several times and it still says im banned. I looked through most of the steamapps folder of gmod and no luck. ANY help WHATSOEVER is GREATLY appreciated, thanks in advanced, TheDude1000.

go to your server’s console (or scrds)

and type: ulx unban <your steamid>

Im banned from Evolve, not ulx, i took ulx out of my addons folder already.

then do: ev unban <yoursteamid>

doesnt seem to work at the main menu, remember that i cant enter the server itself.

You should atleast be able to access the rcon in some way. Not through the client console but from your host. Just write ev unban STEAMID in the console and you’ll be unbanned. Otherwise you can tell a friend your RCON password (I suggest changing it to a temporarily one) and unban you using first: “rcon_password PASS” and then “rcon ev unban STEAMID”. He needs to be on the server ofc.

or you can use you steam name.

Oh yeah, if forgot to tel you in the title, its a listen server, im thinking there’s a file that i can edit so i can unban myself, everything’s stored somewhere.

If you don’t have any other saved stuff you care about, like advanced duplicator saves, you can just delete the garrysmod/garrysmod/data/ folder.

That should do it. :v:

I think there’s also some config file in garrysmod/cfg/ that handles Source bans, too. Not sure on that.

hmm, im going to try that (after i back up my adv dupe:quagmire:)

delete ev_playerinfo.txt in garrysmod/data

IT WORKED! :smiley: thanks all guys, problem solved.

Next time just look at garrysmod/cfg/banned_user.cfg and banned_ip.cfg

i did, thats why i came here for help. PS. could someone close this?