Banned from posting.

Someone made a ridiculous post on, I responded with something, and now I can’t make comments anywhere, all my comments have been removed. I wasn’t even being a jerk, I just said that he was trolling, which he was.

When in doubt, do not post.

He wasnt in doubt.
He just commented on a guy to tell other people that he is a troll, so people wouldnt start a flamewar.

Exactly, I would love my commenting back. Is there any way I can get it back?

Find out who blocked you. Try to find them on face punch and reason with them. If you canot find out who then I do not belive there is any other way of coment unles.

You use another email username and all that crap.


Ok step 1. go onto a random thing on the front page. 2. click on the disqus thing. 3. Click on Don’t have one register a new one. 4. put in your new username your new password. 5. Put in a new email if you can get one. you should be done.

Thank you, you are my hero.

Edit: The whole fucking site, including Disqus thing, has blocked me. I can’t do ANYTHING to do with posting comments. :frowning:

Delete your cookies from That should log you out, so you can join again.

Sorry that it didnt work. If I had known it blocked you from disqus then I would of known.