Banned from Rust servers because i walked up a stair.

i’ve been banned from rust servers because i walked up a stair, and it said i was ceillingglitching. Is there any possibility that i can be unbanned, and just play the game how it’s should be. Also the admin of the server knows it is incorrect but he can’t unban me.

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Also i am not VAC banned

Are these modded servers?

Also, what’s the error you receive when you join these servers?

Yes, modded servers, Connection refused (banned) is the error

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That’s a server ban, and nobody on this forum can do anything about it. Server bans are the domain of server admins and their banlist file. If the server admin can’t do anything about it, then he’s given partial master control of his server over to his plugins.

Is the server admin subscribing to any shared banlists? Because those are ripe for abuse and false positives like this, and I don’t know that there is any way to get off the list. The admin might want to reconsider using the stupid things for this reason. This forum is not the host of the list, either, that’s why I say nobody here can help you.

Play on servers that don’t use the list.

The server admin can’t delete me from the banlist?

I don’t know, can he? Talk to the server admin, not me, I’m not responsible for you being banned. I don’t know exactly what plugins that server’s using or what can be done about it, but the server admin should know.

Nobody on this forum can do anything about this, you need to deal with the admin. If the admin can’t unban you, they need to reconsider the plugins they’re using that are incorrectly banning people.