Banned from Rust

I got banned and i talked to support steam, but i they only says that i use a cheat or other unauthorized modifications, i just want to know what program or cheat i used to get banned… Please need an answer and also, please dont use this topic to make jokes because someone got banned because he wasn’t cheating!

(User was permabanned for this post ("awful liar" - postal))

You want to know which cheat you were using to get banned…? What difference does it make? You use cheats you get banned… Pretty simple concept unless I’m missing something.

Ask them what cheat you were using then, they actually do have that on record.

And yes you were cheating, it’s hilarious you’re the 500th to repeat the same mistake, VAC doesn’t make a mistake anymore, and even if it did you’d be unbanned pronto.

You cheated, now get out :v:

go to you might find solution for your brain problem

BTW, in Valve’s steam TOS, they can ban you for whatever reason they want, so tough luck son.

dude i ask that because i wasn’t cheating…

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and they keep saying that i use cheats so just need that they prove to me

The proof is in the pudding. The ban pudding.

Post your steam profile, please.

Valve says you were banned for using cheats.

Situation 1: you were banned for using cheats.
Situation 2: you were banned for using cheats and now you are saying you didn’t.

Clearly the second situation is the correct one.

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situation 3: your mom forgot to feed you

They’d be stupid to actually describe what they were able to catch.

Let me help you

They don’t need to, they can just “believe it”

If you subscribed to it and don’t agree with it, you can just stop using steam or the games all together.

They don’t have to since the one who witnesses it is…the one at the monitor

let me see if i get it, they dont need to prove? because i didn’t cheat, and if dont like my face they just can ban me because i use fraps? my video when i was starting to record my gameplays

Nah they really don’t need to prove it, since you did sign up for that agreement, tough luck man.

They won’t ban you for fraps, as it does not effect your game files. External programs are fine. They don’t need to prove anything, because they have the logs of what got you banned. There are reasons not to share these logs with the banned user either.

omg i’m trying to imagine what i did… because i realy have no idea

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could it be gameboost?? because sometimes i use this make my PC faster

I don’t know, what did you use?

thats why i sent a ticket to support steam, i want to know what i use… because if they prove something concret, than i shut up

Not like complaining here helps you anyway, there’s a Steam forum, they’ll definetly tell you there, I’ve seen a steam forum mod do that.