Banned from rust.

Hello Admins,

Recently I’ve been banned from rust.
I know exactly why, and would like for the ban to be lifted if possible at all.

A little information on what happened:
We run a rust server, and installed a plug-in that detects / autokicks speedhackers.
I downloaded a speedhack and tried it, and the plug-in worked fine.

In hinsight, obviously this could have resulted in a VAC-ban , and so it did.
Gladly I am that the VAC-ban system works, I would like to get unbanned if you see fit.

For any further information needed to handle my case, please send me a PM.

If this is not the right section in the forum for this, my appologies.


Cant get unbanned here.

^ what he said, send steam a support ticket, they wont care

Someone needs to start tallying these up and make a data chart based on the number of ban appeals separated by what reason the player was banned. Then when people are like, “oh we’ve heard this all before,” we can back that up WITH DATA!

Yes you should get unbanned.
Hold on I need to rob a bank to see if the police will show up.

So, you’re an admitted cheater and you want to be unbanned? Good luck with that… You’ll find no sympathy here; we hate dirty, lying, scumbag cheaters. Good Riddance!

Above and beyond the fact that Facepunch does not have the power to revoke VAC bans, you admitted to using a speedhack. This isn’t a Korean MMO where “yes, I used a bot/hack/exploit, but I’m sorry!!” gets you unbanned.

I’ve got bad news for you. Valve doesn’t fuck around with VAC bans and cheaters. You’re permanently banned and absolutely nobody will unban you. Nobody on Facepunch can help you with VAC bans. And if you actually downloaded a speedhack, don’t even bother appealing to Steam Support, they will not unban you. You do not have any second chances.

You were warned every single time:

Alright. I’ll let you slide this** one time**, because I believe your story. I seriously doubt that it’s all a fabrication in a pathetic and ill-informed attempt to save the $20 you’ll need to purchase the game again, so…

I have lifted your VAC ban.

If you cheat again, I will reinstate it and leave a note saying, “never remove.” You got it?