Banned from server for no reason

So I was playing rust with my friend, just raided a base and we were collecting some wood, some guy asked if anyone has issues with wall rotation, so i respondend, “can;t speak, inside your mom”. Around 10 to 20 seconds later my Rust crashes. Restarted my game only to find out I am banned on: Facepunch Amsterdam. I can join any other server except Amsterdam Facepunch. So I asked my friend to read what it said in the chat and it said that i was kicked by EAC. I don’t know what to do, anyone that has a solution, or can get me in toutch with the server admin. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Is your Steam account linked by this Twitter account that tweets the EAC banlist? If so, please link to the right tweet.

No it is not, my steam account is Skyzzem

Yes, this is my steam.

looks like a burner, but maybe i’m being overly suspicious. been playing rust long?

No just been playing it for like 1-2 weeks, if its possible i can send you a game running log or something.

I found something new. I am banned from the servers that were in my recent tab.

This is the error that i got after my game crashed because it crashed again: The instruction at 0xeb9f340a referenced memory at 0x00000069 . a read operation on the disk or memory failed. Srry for bad english, google translate.