Banned from singleplayer

When I try and play single-player I am kicked with a ban message.

Help :C?

What does the ban message say? and have you read this?

From what I’ve heard, the global bans aren’t affected in singleplayer.

hmm I think you are right hmmm…

is there any ban reason written??

The ban reason is “You are banned from this server”

Did you ban yourself on single player?

Yeah, Accidentally when testing a gamemode.

What admin mod? Or did you use the built in banid?

Built in BanID

Look for something called Bans.txt or Banlist.txt around your Garry’s Mod folder, I think that’s how bans from your own server using the BanID or Ban command are stored

Cant seem to find anything :C

cfg/bans.cfg I believe