Banned from toybox. Reason: "Pirating Garry's Mod" when I didn't


Post a picture of your steam account with GMod on. That should be evidence enough.

seems legit…

EDIT: My bad

Your steam profile works, anad you have garry’s mod.

I guess they banned the wrong one

He has GMod.

That’s fucked up…and if we’ve learned anything about Steam’s customer support over the last 5 years, it’ll be a tooth-n-nail battle for like a month just to get unbanned, too.


A pirated gmod wouldn’t even able to access toybox because garry has his own auth system.

Steam support has no word in this situation anyway.

thats a pretty fucking stupid movie on behalf of the toybox admins you fucks

I doubt you completely have no clue on how to pirate games, but regardless, you’re not lying about having a legit copy of Garry’s mod, or at least that’s how it looks like to me.

That ban reason is absurd. IIRC, you cannot login to Toybox to begin with if the player does not own the game.

I would try to message garry. I believe he is the only person with the power to unban you.

Just throwing it out there, having the game in your community profile doesn’t show you definitely own the game.

Seems he’s legit though.

It could be someone else’s profile, but I think he speaks the truth. Though the not knowing how to pirate is an obvious lie.

He was banned for uploading copyrighted mp3s to toybox. Not for pirating GMod.

Oh, that makes more sense then.

-snip because I am a retard-

Ever thought the OP was maybe lying?

His ban reason was “pirate”.