I got gamebanned on my account for no reason, i have never cheated or glitched in Rust.

Can you guys look into this and unban me? This MUST be some kind of mistake. i know many people report me, but i cannot get banned because people report me???


One false positive and everybody comes running along to see if they’re going to get unbanned. If your account name ends up on the rust hack report twitter, it’s all but a certainty a cheat or hack, paid or otherwise, was detected running on your account. If by chance you use the family sharing mode on a steam account and your sibling/parent/dog used a script or hack, then that means you’ll get banned too to prevent piggybacking. The only other alternative is that EAC detected cheat engine or some other script running in the background if you use such things to cheat on other games. However, if that happens to be the case, you’re not going to get unbanned regardless.

You will have to wait for a EAC rep to come by this thread
Or, you can go to and make your plea there.
But don’t hold your breath, and don’t cheat

You definitely show up on the official Rust hack report twitter, so you’ll just have to wait for someone from EAC to come here and respond.

You dont know what you are talking about, sorry.

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Funny how i should make 3 random forum posts to get my cheatfree account unbanned. I will try making a “Unban” post there aswell…

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do not understand why it would play a major role, it is only one page of a report on who has been suspended.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and ask if you played rust on an unsecured computer, from where your account details could have been collected by malware/keyloggers/etc. Do you remember playing rust anywhere other than on your own computer?

benefit of the doubt is a bit much for someone who replied “don’t understand why it matters” to being pointed out on rusthackreport

No, i only play on my own computer that is protected by antivirus and firewall.
I have a “OTP” on my phone vs my account and its only me that is responsible for my account and my computer.

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do not understand why it would play a major role, it is only one page of a report on who has been suspended. You mean that if EAC gameban someone and it does not get reported on their Twitter, it’s not serious?

The twitter page is for the public too see who has been banned.

Clearly EAC have some issues and that i have to report it on a forum that MAYBE a developer will read is very strange to me. But i have my hopes up and hope they will unban me for wrongly banning me…

OK now i’m convinced that you got banned for cheating or hacking. Whenever EAC bans anybody, it always gets reported on their twitter, and bans are always issued in waves after EAC detects suspect activity coming from your account, so bans can happen even weeks after your account got flagged. You have no proof that you have not been cheating or hacking to offer us either, so I’m just waiting now for an EAC staff to confirm that the ban was legitimate.

I appreciate your “concern” but it dosnt really matter what you think and i hope u are not a member of the staff of the EAC team or whoever sorts this out…

How do you mean that I i have give proof that I have NOT cheated?

It is well rather EAC to provide evidence of why I HAVE been suspended by the system EAC.

lmao do you think that EAC are going to reveal the methods they use to flag cheats and the scripts they use so that scripters get more info on how to evade their methods?
also interesting how your steam profile was set to private

I dont need them to reveal anything, its not rocket science how an anti cheat system works.
And EAC is obviously autobanning from some kind of information they received, player wise or ingame wise.

This is also why this is so fucked up, i have to answer to random people like you on a forum post and not the team that is responsible for this.
You are typing random suggestion what YOU think can CAUSE this.

This is a private request i want the EAC team to watch, not random people that says: EAC is 100% stable and is never wrong and that i am a Cheater. I have paid money and support for this game and this is very annoying.

And even if i was cheating i would never post here from the start, i would buy a new account and keep doing what i do.

Nobody ever said that EAC was never wrong. There have been a few false positives before, but all of those were cleared up and reverted by EAC themselves once they determined it as such. Also, paying money doesn’t give you the right to do as you like with your copy of a game, if you bothered to read the ToS that comes with it. They have the right to ban people for trying to go outside the bounds of how the game was intended to be played. Furthermore, dont abuse any glitches, if by chance that’s what you did.

Nobody cares that you paid money to play rust, hundreds of cheaters did the same thing and got banned just the same. Next you’ll be saying that you’re going to sue facepunch for thousands because you got banned by not abiding by the rules.

I never ever said that i have the right to do as i like with my copy of the game, if you bothered to read my post that i wrote.

I have followed the rules and have showed my support for this Alpha Rust game,
that’s what I meant and wrote. AND that is why this is so frustrating for me.

Never said i wanted money back and sueing someone is more likely something a person like you would do, not me.

Nobody cares that i pay money? the developers care i hope? i dont give a fuck what people like you sitting on this forums all day think :S

All i want is i want my account unbanned, and i will wait for it more patiently and stop this “PUBLIC DEBATE” with you for everyone to read, this dosnt goes anyway and we both know this is what you live for, so i wont feed your fire anymore.

All i can say to you now is to thank you for your time and i hope you can help someone else like you did to me, even tough you wrote alot of bullshit in the process.

(wb ehm. that is a lovely epilepsy inducing avatar you have :excited:)

Robbe is right. No need to debate anything. If he is guilty he’ll stay banned. If not, EAC people will unban him.

Do you use any other things that might interfere with steam, like curse voice or those fake performance boosters?

I use only teamspeak and no performance boosters at all.

However, I came upon one thing now that I thought about what might have caused this.

This was 1 week ago or more: I was in the power plant and farmed blueprints and then put a sleeping bag in the mountains, when I died from pvp and would spawn again:
A Node had spawned on my sleeping bag, so I was stuck in the mining node/metal ore node or whatever they are called.

When I tried to get loose from the minig node I flew up in the air 10-15 meters and was disconnected from the server with a message: EAC timed out or something like that.
Maybe I’ve got a suspension because of this and it has been logged in the EAC logs and therefore believe that I have cheated?

This has also happened once for like 1-2 month ago when i jumped on 1 of the big furnaces in my base, then i flew even bigger, like 30 meters up the sky and landed on my camps roof…

This of course i didnt do with purpose, this also only happened once and was only a mistake…
I wouldnt call that using glitch or bugs?

This is the only thing i can come up with that can be triggered near to some kind of “Cheating”, but this was not with purpose and was clearly a bug from this alpha game.
Its not like i can decide where a mining node will spawn…

Over the weekend we ran a set of new scripts to enhance our reaction time against griefing with cheats. We placed a total of 777 bans through this system. Yesterday and today we manually went through all of them and determined 8 bans were caused by a very specific system glitch.

You’ll be unbanned soon. I am really sorry, and apologize for the inconvenience we caused.

"OK now i’m convinced that you got banned for cheating or hacking. "


How does it feel to rate the OP dumb, and find out he wasn’t lying?

OT: People should never replay to stuff like this, all it does is make actual cheaters come back again. just wait, and let EAC mods replay. and end it with 1 replay.