Banned: No reason?

I was banned for no reason on Facepunch Texas II: Hapisisland. Apparently my friend and I were running with a hacker? We had no idea of this, and would like the ban to be lifted. It was definitely admin abuse to ban people for no reason, and without proof of us even associating with a hacker in the first place. I know of MANY people who actually associate themselves with hackers and they definitely don’t get banned.

When the devs are the admins, you don’t get to claim unfairness. You signed the EULA, you agreed to their terms.

he isn’t claiming to have been EAC banned
he was banned by some random admin on some random server, for only that server

I was banned for no reason, only on Texas 2. The reason I was banned was for “no reason”. I never signed a EULA either. Not sure what that is; although, it is unfair when I was not hacking, yet I was banned for no apparent reason without evidence of these supposed “hacks”.

The moment you clicked “play” for Rust you agreed to a EULA. If an admin wants to ban someone from their server, they can. If the admin happens to be a dev, same thing. Its not like a MMORPG where there is a single server, just play on a different one if you are banned from just one server.

Admins can ban you for no reason. It’s their server they can do whatever they want.

yeah, they gave you a reason. you not accepting it is beside the point; as server owners/admins they can ban whoever they want for whatever they want. they don’t have to provide you any details, they don’t have to let you play there.

besides, i personally would rather false bans for people who seem to be benefitting from hackers than those players actually getting an unfair advantage not being banned. out of curiosity, what is the ban message when you try to join the server?

That was me.

This is you raiding with a hacker, taking advantage of his hacks. I server banned you and your friend and EAC banned him. You can still play, just not on the server you were taking advantage of:

This was him just a few moments before, just as you all headed out to raid.

So there.

good job bucksexington :-).

and Naomi DP you are really sad that you weaste/use others time

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