Banned not for that =(

I played on the server in RUST happened restart I tried to log in RUST but then I couldn’t go…
Press ESC and it says that I VAK Banned
I never used cheats, knowing that I can ban games I have too much of 30 units
Perhaps I play so well and I am banned, and I don’t know what to do
Please unban

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(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

You cheated and so the VAC ban hammer has hit you tough luck buddy

Yes, that has to be the reason…

Oh please rabbanite!!
I never citril!!! damn well please do not want to be in the bath
So many games and banned…
Not for what VAK ban Oh please!!! damn my friend was playing and I flew I go and I’m in the bath!!! I’m uploading a video on YouTube I hope this will not prove my guilt

What the heck are you talking about?

Silly, silly cheaters. Here are a couple of things to remember:

  1. Don’t Cheat
  2. If you cheat, you are an idiot
  3. VAC searches your game files for known cheats.
  4. Valve controls VAC. Not Facepunch, Garry, Bob, Jim, or anyone else.
  5. Repeat first step for best results


It seems like i just got banned by VAC after hitting a radioactive bear.
How did i get ban from harvesting a bear???
I was banned by VAC for nothing. Is that normal?
What do i do after i get ban? I lose the game?

I don’t use cheat/hack.

This topic is pure gold. Two vac bans on the same topic :v:

Keep in mind this is facepunch forum and not vacpunch forum. You got vac banned ( Banned by valve ).

Contact steam support.

No point in that, even. VAC is one of the most foolproof anti-cheat solutions out there, and it has a fantastic track record for reliability and effectiveness. Contacting Valve over the matter isn’t going to do anything because they obviously cheated.

Yes, I just went to the Steam Support, just wondering if there is anyone that went the same problem as i am. Thanks for the info.

The only time VAC might have a (extreeeeeeemely) small change of banning you is if you are using a new program that hooks onto your game, such as a new recording software. If that is the case then contact steam support, but i doubt that is the case, so accept your ban like a man, or go cry to your mommy for money to buy the game again. Your choice.

But pleaase,


OK, i will just stick to steam support i guess.

Banned? CHEATS! Deal With IT!

You citriled, you get bath. That is how the coke crowbars.

This is why I created an account :v:
Seriously, getting VAC banned for killing a radioactive bear… Who are you fooling?

Yes, that is why it is so weird lol. I might stop posting for now as this is not the right place for my problem.

Well, VAC never bans “immediately”. It does ban waves every now and then, so you might have been banned for something you did days, weeks or even months ago. This is to prevent hackers from knowing what got them banned.
Did you, recently or not, use an external program? Not specifically cheats, but maybe a mod that adds a crosshair to your screen or something else?

Guys what to do? I’m in the bath can’t play RUST
I have Russian english do not understand in support cannot write
I never citril…
Currently right now I upload a video on YouTube that though the Evidence was hoping I rabbinat =(
Can’t forget that banned by accident… =(
Guys wish me luck Yes unban =( play RUST already 439 hours…
I apologize for the mistakes just so translator Yandex

Go out and take a towel, might help.
Same question, did you use external programs that might have interfered with your game files?