Banned on all Rust servers?

Ive tried connecting to as many rust servers as I could today and all of them it wont let me connect also it says I have a VAC ban on my profile? I have no past records of hacking on any games and think its unfair that I have been banned out of no where. How can I resolve this please as Ive payed for the game and think its unfair that I am unable to play it when Ive done nothing wrong?

Seriously can we make a subforum for this? I’m running out of snarky remarks.

It appears you have been VAC banned. Facepunch only makes the game, they have no influence over VAC and cannot help you with a VAC ban. You need to get in contact with Steam Support if you wish to dispute your ban. Know that Valve only will unban you if it turns out you were affected by some sort of mass error on their behalf. They also WILL NOT DISCLOSE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR.

you cheaters are seriously brain dead

Post your steam profile please.

Ha ha how many of these people are going to post this b.s… You don’t want to be banned than don’t cheat child.

Someone get the popcorn popping. Been seeing a lot of these posts today. It’s gonna be a long day.

Shame I have Uni classes today ;_; guess in between classes I gotta get in on the action.

Apparently there was a VAC wave recently. Naturally they will listen to the guy who ripped them off(as the guy fully knew VAC doesn’t ban immediately) and come here to play dumb in an attempt to get unbanned.

And we don’t think it’s fair that you use hacks and ruin everyone else’s gaming experience. I hope you never get to log in again.

Be thankful it was just a ban, the last hacker we found we got all his details, facebook, where he works, his girlfriends details etc.

i see tears dropping on the floor!

sure vac is unfair :smiley: unfair to filthy shitty cheaters!

Ive got to admit it does sound like im playing dumb but im a legit player on all games and the fact that im banned for hacking when i didnt is the most stupid thing ive ever heard

Cheating is dumb bro. Play legit.

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Seriously I need to get a bot that automatically posts this for me

I have a macro key JUST FOR that because so many people complain

I like that you didn’t say “I didn’t cheat”. You said “I have no past records of hacking”. You have a record now son. Get rekt cheater.

please post your steam ID or profile and don’t make it private. Some users here can really look into why it was they banned you IF they did… why not share and see if some users can help answer some of your questions…

My steam ID is aston0123, all I want is this resolving so if anyone can help it would be appreciated

that isn’t a steam id

see here

A hahahaha

Buy another, we need more money in our coffers.