Banned on Rust from Facepunch employee

Today i woke up and tried to connect to the server in which i play on, TheBreach. As i hit connect it said i was banned by facepunch, not EAC. If possible I would like to appeal this because I have never had hacks or cheats on this account for rust. I dont know if this will help but I also have a YT channel : I would like to have a reason to why I got banned. I also talked to the admins on the server and they said they had never seen a Facepunch ban like that before. If i can i would like to get this reversed but im not sure if it is even possible.

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You’ll want to provide your Steam ID or a link to your Steam profile, dude. Providing a link to your YouTube channel doesn’t really say anything about whether or not the ban was a game ban or a server.

Well, you’re definitely showing up on the official Rust hack report twitter, so that right there makes the claim of it being a ban via Facepunch employee instead of EAC a bit questionable. Your claim is made further questionable by the fact that you apparently already had a game ban on record prior to your ban 10 hours ago (doesn’t matter if it’s for Rust or not, it still makes your claim a bit questionable). You’ll just have to wait for either an employee, someone or EAC, or even both to comment here when they can.

yeah the gameban before that was around 280 days ago from csgo.
also i when i talked to the admins on the server they said i wasnt eac banned and was banned by facepunch employee.

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Also I am rendering a video right now, which shows a raid i did literally yesterday on the server. then I got manually banned from facepunch employee around 3 hours later.

This says it all. Reformat,wipe the cheats

I wiped the cheats so long ago. Plus they were csgo cheats, had no relevance to rust.

You were not manually banned. You were auto-banned for detection of a paid cheat.

I never cheated on this account. I had an alternate account i had cheated on before but never on this account.

Oh, I’m aware of the other account. You really need to wipe the hack, as it seems it was only three days between bans.