Banned on Rust?!?!

I got VAC Banned today on rust. I have been playing rust very recently. I have been playing rust and been accused for hacking but they just hated me because i was so good. i was not using any cheats because i dont like using cheats and it ruins the game. why would i cheat on a game that contains fun.

so please help.

i have also created a ticket to steam about this issue.

Ban Hackers garry! not legit Players, even you STEAM!

Busted faggot.

Garry did ban hackers, ie you.

Legit players like myself are doing fine.

I got banned as well!! Oh wait, no I didn’t, cuz I DONT CHEAT!

That was for the shitty game The WarZ

This sub-forum makes me wish smartness were to make a return. Sigh.

Thanks for admitting you are a cheating faggot.

That’s alright then

“July 26th”

This is not proof of cheating on Rust. Just because he’s a member on a cheat site, doesn’t mean he actually purchased the cheat.

once a cheater always a cheater and you know what? i hope you got banned due to some left over files on your comp and registry entries from your “old” hack.
you deserve to get banned, thanks bye

It supports the fact he is a cheater (which he just admitted here).

VAC doesn’t just ban regular players. The guy is human trash, got caught, and is now trying to lie about it here.

You could have even been VAC banned for hacking when you played the War Z.

VAC works in strange and often delayed ways.

No. because i wiped my computer to win8 last year. and never used hacks since

A cheater is a cheater. If they do it once, they do it twice.

Yes, I am well aware on how VAC works. It is purely automatic and 99.99999% accurate, but your evidence was redundant.

admit that you have cheated, vac bans are permanent and you wont get help here anyway.

The evidence is the VAC ban. The account on a hacking forum is just the cherry on top.

The fact it made him admit to hacking in a very similar game not too long ago is hilarious. Specially after his spiel about “lol i dont use cheats, they ruin the game for everyone”

Only did The WarZ. because the game to full of cheaters and hated it anyway. so i hacked. never liked the game. Anyway i am not here about the hack of the warz. I am HERE for the rust.

so please explain what happens if Rust turns into a game where you think everyone hacks and starts to get shit in your opinion!
are you gonna get a hack again just due to the reasons you posted?

also please learn to read! THIS FORUM cant do anything about your vac ban, you are just making yourself look like a fool!

I KNOW, I8 am not a fool. Just saying to the forums that i got VAC Banned for no reason on rust. I have done nothing to have this Ban. This is why i am here. The thing is i dont have any evidence because i did nothing. btw Steam is discussing if i can get unbanned. which is good news.

doubt that that you already even received a reply from steam support :wink:
also please keep in mind that there were only like 3 (maybe 4) false ban waves by vac in the last 10 years and they revoked the bans.

doubt it happened to you while you already confirmed using a cheat last year on a similar game -.-
accept that you have to buy this game again