Banned on server for to packages overload. Did not DDOS!


When i was playing in the server today i went to get a coke, when i came back there was a message on my screen saying “DISCONNECTED: On ban list”. Apparently when i was gone my internet got fucked up extremely and send a shitload of packages to the server, wich made the server think i was trying to DDOS and banned me immediatly. Whenever i try looking at “View Game Info” of someone who is currently in ClassyBrothers TTT Server, it just displays IP Adress and it says “Server information not available”.

!!Server owner isn’t able to unban me!!Im also super admin on the server itself so its pretty important!!

If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please help me. You can add me as friend and message me on steam (Steam = or post comment below this thread.

Thanks in advance

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**Whenever i try to play with a VPN, i can connect to the server and play but after 5 minutes my ping will be 300+, so its impossible to play with that ping. **

Tell the owner to look in cfg/banned_ip.cfg

Didnt work.

You were most likely source banned for whatever reason. Tell the owner(or whoever has access to rcon/console) to type removeid (Your steamid)

If that doesn’t work tell him to try removeip (Your IP address)

And if all else fails, look in the source ban section of ULX.(If you have ulx)

You don’t need multiple threads.

These bans are temporarily stored inside SRCDS process, just tell the server owner to restart it.