Banned on the official server "Facepunch Moscow Hapis"


Rock bases are an exploit and are prohibited.

Doesn’t matter if you were attacking from one or just using it to store your stash of kombucha. As elix said, rock bases are an exploit and thus bannable.

so almost a week ago.

If I’m demolishing rock bases it’s not a good idea to try to get back into the rock while I’m watching, that’s why you are banned from the server.


why people get ban for bug the game?
And where i can get rules of the game?
Idiotism. You can disable it on a game level, but simply to ban.

if the admin is demolishing the base, it’s pretty obvious he will break any sleeping bags; he didn’t need your help (although i doubt that was actually what you were doing).

since you don’t have a “game ban” on that profile you provided, it’s probably just a server ban. they are permanent, i suggest you move to a new server. and don’t use rock bases.

my god the graphics… are you playing on a potato?