Banned players spamming join message

Im having an issue on my server with people joining and it spamming the chat.

im using flow’s gamemode from here

how would i go about fixing this?

Check if they’re banned before printing they connected.

You could always fix it by unbanning them, it’d be a tad harder to spam ban messages when they’re not banned.

Contact the dev and send him or her a link to this thread

If you’ve overlooked it on my thread, here’s my response…

Why on earth would you ever have chat notifications for refused connections? As the dev, you are in part to blame.

To notify admins of them joining. It’s a slight overlook, stop being pretentious.

You could use the OnPlayerChat CLIENT hook… Check to see if the player !IsValid and if banned is found in the string ( or use string.EndsWith and look for the specific last part of the sentence… )…

This would only get rid of the banned line HOWEVER you could remove the “joined” line too… Create a timer with the joined line for 1 second which will use chat.Add to add the joined line if no banned message gets removed.

It’s a hack-fix but it will work. I use a timer.Create SortVehiclesTable 1, 1 for my game-mode; basically on load content loads the vehicles and populates the table. Since I didn’t design that system to broadcast a hook or whatever when the last vehicle was added because they can be in any folder, basically 1 second after the last vehicle it executes because timer.Create replaces an existing timer of the same name )…

Get the name or SteamID from the list and use timer.Create( “JoinedMessage” … _steam, … ) then on banned message timer.Remove( “JoinedMessage” … _steam, … ) meaning if the person wasn’t banned the join message will show but if the banned message shows the joined message is suppressed…

You could add another line to add a console message about the banned user or add a cooldown timer for how often the messages can show for one SteamID…

Hope this helps.

I know Gravious doesn’t help with his release, but I guess you could ask him about it.

I’ve been giving quite extensive support, actually. And I replied 2 days before you did with an answer including code so I’m not sure why you’re saying that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t support the release as in I won’t be updating it anymore.

I honestly didn’t see your post. Sorry for my misunderstanding.