Banned why?

hello i got banned on

it its possible i would like to know why? i didnt use cheat or anything.
i had cheats on my computer before and got banned, learned from it deleted everything and got a new account and i didnt cheat on this only played legit.
never injected or did anything except use chrome when playing rust

only program i got left is cheat engine but thats for singleplayer games and i never used it on rust.
can you get banned just from having it on your computer?

i asked on the forum here last time if it would be any problems if i got a new acc and re bought the game but the EAC guy said it wouldn’t be.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

No you can not possibly be banned for just having it on your computer. They ban on detection of hacks in your rust memory.

Eac devs and others have said that some hacks leave traces on your computer even after being deleted. The only way to be sure the hacks are completely off your system would be to do a complete reinstalation of Windows.

if you run cheats of a certin client Ex;(A*) even for other games, you’ll get banned.

  • is a missing word, to keep you from finding it if you don’t know it.

ok ty guys going to try that if nothing else works :slight_smile:
but going to wait a bit and see if someone from EAC can confirm it was because of this

No you won’t… Stop spreading false information.

Eac developers have stated on multiple occasions that they will ONLY ban you if they detect a known cheat or suspicious patterns running in your RUST memory. You will not be banned for hacking other games.

do you think it will work if i just reinstall windows or do i need to clean the other drivers to?

Account with only rust and 2.7 hours playtime. Looks legit. Unban him nao!


yeah i heard there could be problems even after you deleted so i didnt play for over 2h so i could refound it if something like this happened.
used system recovery for a few months back will buy it again and try if it works now.


The ban is from a definite detection of a paid cheat and the ban is permanent.

If unknown or suspicious patterns are found, we store those pieces of memory for manual analysis. If the pattern doesn’t proof to repeat itself and/or not to be a cheat, the data is discarded usually within one month and at most three months. This means that a delayed ban can be placed up to three months after the offense.

We don’t disclose the evidence publicly as it would make the cheat vendor bypass our detection.

For more information see the page

ok you sure you checked? because im 100% sure i didnt use anything on this account.
I got banned on my last account deleted everything played for 2 hours and waited a few days to see if it worked because i had read there might be complications even after you deleted it.
before i even did that i asked you if that was be enough and you said it would… so you either lied to my face or you dont know how your program work.

now thanks to Hahapingazzz i did a system recovery from a few months back and will try again hopefully that will work. but i still dont understand why you just didnt say that to begin with.

they have no reason NOT to check; any time they have made an error, it has been quickly rectified.

be careful rolling back/recovering. you might find the changes made by the cheats are not actually removed without a full reinstall.

Delete partition, create partition, format drive, install windows.

Probably the best cause of action to be completely sure.

ok thanks for the help will try that.