Banned without a reason?

I just got banned from RUST whitout a reason? I bought the game for like 2 Days ago and i have played it like a couple of hours.
I have been disconected buy unity web player like 100 times because of some sort of error? but can i get banned because of unity web player errors?
It dosent seem fair that i pay 100$ for a game that just bann people without a reason… I havent done anything wrong…
So please can i have my account back???

Ive never been dc’d. Sounds like a duper. Though maybe not. Unlucky for you.

You…you paid 100 dollars? wow

buy another one?

sounds like you are using internet explorer for your web browser. if so try using google chrome or mozilla firefox.

your questions? stated like this? are really annoying. also, i dont beileve you paid 100… but thats me.

lmao jesus chrst why

USE firefox!

Also if java is disabled it will say your banned.

can you have your account back?

yea sure, here you go

username: WeAreNotAdmins
password: StopAskingForumsForStuff

that was… brilliantly stupid man. like he or anyone else here needs that right now.

I may be wrong but I’m sure in any sane mind nobody would buy a key for 100$, and it looks like your just trying to get an account you didn’t even have, sorry if this is wrong but it’s what it seems like.

CTRL SHIFT DEL remove all history and cookies then ur unbanned. bye.

Clear your cache, probly a bug,