I bought it 4 days ago. Server crashed and when I tried to connect :

Is the bug happening do anyone else?

Lol try to contact Gary’s email or create a ticket

Don’t contact garry, its happening to me aswell in some cases. It just happens and at the moment we just have to wait till there is a fix. There are many bug reasons why it says your banned but don’t stress, I promise you, that you are not.

it’s because the servers are down…

You dont know how much I was stressed… I didnt want it to turn like infestation where they randomly ban…

I had to relog and now I can join 1 server.

Yeah, usually just a restart of the internet browser fixes it.

Error 1001
DNS resolution error

major hosting problems I guess?

Yeah its down for most people at the moment they might be fixing the driver crashing bug, not sure because they don’t update us on whats happening.