the server ip me that restricted entry according Use hack them, although they are no proof, for what they did and continue to abuse administrator. Realize it at an appeal in facebook group where this was removed gave no response. request that the case be seen and appropriate action is taken

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sorry for my english. i did use a translator

understanding me no :v:

If they banned you wrongly, just go to another server. This isn’t the place to appeal bans on private servers.

Nope :v: You probably did cheat actually.

You can’t slip one past Jonny.

Google Translate strikes again!

Sir, last activity July 12th 2013 :3

Doesn’t matter, game’s been out for longer. Besides, it’s still most likely him, name’s far too unique. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

thats a bit… too far tbh

while he probably did cheat, don’t go into everything with that attitude m8

Fair enough, but within the last six months, I would not put the chances very high that he wasn’t in some way cheating.

well there was intention to cheat…

Intention or not, he most likely does own that account and likely has cheated with it. He has 14 posts of some sort, but it would appear I need an account to read it, and I can’t be bothered with making one.

ILC didnt support rust during his last activity, so if he was hacking it wasnt here.

ppl can’t understand that he was banned from a paid server. yeah, a paid server, so if the guy pays for his server, he can actually ban everybody he wants, he can be a shit head admin, because he owns that shit. so you can choose one of the another 3k servers to play

Nothing gets passed Jonnymad…ever. He’s this forums Sherlock Holmes.


Meanwhile in rust Anyone that has had a vac ban in other games May Play!! YAY!

Result = Hackers, Hackers everywhere

That’s why anyone I find on my server with VAC ban’s are monitored closely and slapped with a ban hammer if I find anything remotely untoward.

I’ll be sure to avoid your shit server then

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Just because they have a ban in a different game doesn’t mean that they will necessarily hack in Rust.

Yup because my VAC ban that was 1207 days ago means I’m still a cheater today!

Cheating or not, if you get banned from a private server the ban appeal is entirely up to the administrators there, they don’t have to allow appeals if they don’t want.

They can ban you because they don’t like your name, there are no rules.