Hello dear rust comunitty first of all i would want to appologize for my auctions!
I want to admit that i was using a hack named Jacked and did some stupid things whit it that i got punished for and i got what i deserve for being a filty cheater.
Im really sorry for what i did again to the community and i wish i didnt do it…
Its not a problem to buy the game again since i dont own alot of games on my steam account.
My question is can’t i buy the game again so i can play on my account i got banned or thats not possible i am willing to pay more then the game costs since i know i did smting forbiden and wrong!
I really want just to start playing again and dont do this stupid crap i did but the problem is i dont really want to make a new steam account since i kinda got attached to this one i have it for few years and its my first offense that i did…
If there could be done smting about this i would be very respectful about it and thankful and i will look more serious about the game from now on…
This reminded me that cheating is bad and i feel terrible now so i would say to everyone don’t cheat its bad i didnt think at the begining like that but now i understand it…
The ban made me think how other people i hearted whit this hack felt like and that made me think a whole new way…
If there is nothing to be done i understand that its my fault and i brought this to myself whit my stupid decision i did it only cous at the time the cheatpunch wasnt that updated and there were alot of hackers who were using it and i got sick of it one day and became one asweel witch im not proud of… its my first offense against steam/vac/rust

P.S: i know im a retard to use cheats but i was too tempted at that time

Gotta make a new Steam account, noob.

You used cheats. You were banned and you’re banned permanently. At least your honest instead of most of the people complaining they were banned for no reason.

You will just have to face the facts you have been permabanned.

Once a cheat, always a cheat. He shouldn’t get another chance.

I have no problem making a new account on steam since i dont own any games then rust but its the fact that i feel guilty made me make this treath…

Oh yea I definitely agree but this guy obviously knows he can buy the game again and still play it, I just pushed him in the right direction. Anything to help sell another copy of Rust.

Besides, it seems like they know what they’re doing with the anti-cheat stuff now, because these banned threads have been popping up like crazy

No other way than to use a new Steam account, sorry.

And I hope you really learned from this, if not your next ban will most likely be a EAC ban, which you can’t lift by using a new account (it bans your hardware, so you would need a new computer).

You got what you deserve and good riddance to you.
99.9% of people will have no pity for you what so ever for you (me obviously included).
People (or should I say kids) like you are the main disappointment currently in this great game.
I for one wish there was a way to shame you more than you already have by posting here.
You are fully aware of what you were risking you read the warning every time you log on to a rust server.
Also you couldn’t even imagine how many experiences that players have had ruined by you and your cheating comrades actions.
Many people might have even paid $20 jumped in the game got so harassed that they decided to never play again, so like I said bye don’t come back.

Buying another copy of the game is the smallest thing i can do … im 18 years old and im doing this retard shit i feel like a total douchebag now sometimes its best to think before doing it… and i dont want any pity i deserve all the hate you guys can give me and trust me i learned from this for my first and last time using cheats in a game!

Sadly i wish this were true BUT
it is so easy to HWID spoof or Macaddress spoof.
In fact i believe most cheats even come prebuilt with it.

You should see the Rust and VAC discussion forums on Steam too. Full of tears. Not to mention, the actual websites/forums where they buy these hacks from, when they go to complain and cry tears there…they just get banned from the site entirely because the cheat makers don’t want the bad publicity marring the reputation of their “undetected” (cough) hax.

Holy fuk man . Hooked on phonics… Try it.

If you are not 6 years old , do not buy another steam acct until you learn to read and write.

AFAIK EAC works in ring 0 (kernel space, higher than Administrator) so userpsace spoofing will be laughable at best. Are cheaters really that stupid to let their cheat programms access ring 0 ? [joke] If so we need to write hacks with spoofers, too, then fuck with the drivers… overheating their CPUs, overwriting hard drive write buffers with random data each X miliseconds (and at the beginning of each flush()), … let’s see if they’ll ever cheat again… :smiley: [/joke]

Are they dumb enough to cheat?

There is your answer :slight_smile:

You can say how sorry and how dumb you feel all you want it will never help you.
Thankfully they stand by there ban rules and I hope they continue to do so for a very log time.
Go start up another account rebuy your games get your ass kicked over and over because you never had to get good at a game. Then get your self another cheat program get banned again and give up on games forever. Could you please do us this kindness Thank You.

Scumbag, at least he’s being honest unlike all the other banned threads. Have some goddamn sympathy.

You’re one to talk, he’s from Bulgaria, get over it.

At least this guy is being honest about it. I obviously don’t agree with his actions and it’s impossible to know if he’s being legit or not but if he doesn’t cheat anymore then I don’t have a problem.

Obviously he’ll have to buy the game again lol.

I only cheated because other people were cheating…another in a long list of classic excuses.

Yeah…you admitted it…because you got caught. But you should have stopped there before proffering that lame excuse.

And to think, only last week you were so carefree and gleeful.

Sorry about my english its not my first language im trying to type corectly but i know im failing

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I know about jacked and i already admitted i used it … check my first post
I didnt make excuses about anytink thats the truth why i used it why should i lie i sayed i wanted to pay for the game again …
Its my first time hacking everyone makes mistakes thats why we are not perfect i understand the hate because when i firstly bought the game i got killed trough walls … thats the main reason i ended up here

The only comfort I’m finding in these posts in the affirmation that cheaters/hackers like you are as stupid as you seem.

You shall burn in the depths of Hell!!!