Banned ?

Hey guys.

I know you dont want to read this thread and will call me a stupid cheater but I´m not a cheater.

First of all: I bought this game 2-3 months ago and before the last month I wasn´t really playing rust. But 1 month ago I found it as my favourite game and played it many time (3-4 hours a day).
Yesterday, while I was AFK (!) in-game, I was banned for “EAC:banned”. When I came back to my PC I thought it´s probably a fault (the server always said you can be banned by fault). I contacted Easy Anti Cheat and got this answer:

“The account has been banned from a cheat detection.”

I´m pretty sure there must be a fault. I never used a cheat on this game… you won´t trust me but it´s right. I have a trainer on Grand Theft Auto 5 installed. Can that be the problem.

Guys, I need your help. I really like this game and it´s the only game I like to play at the moment. Hope you won´t spam the thread with “Better dont cheat next time” because I wasn´t cheating.


Thank you for the support.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

If EAC tells you that you cheated, it means they detected something fishy.
Create a new account, buy the game again, and don’t cheat again.
You won’t convince anybody that you’re a legit player if EAC says you cheated. Don’t waste your time here.

Exactly this isn´t helpful. Im looking for an answer by EAC itself. Have many BPs on my account…

Don’t use such programs. Simple as that. You never know what else those programs install or how they even work.

I think that the gta 5 trainer might have been detected as a cheat programm - which in fact, is true, but not for rust. But as i said, you never know where and what gets installed. Maybe it uses or changed data that rust also uses, some temp files or whatever.

I don’t think that you get unbanned, no matter what you try.

edit you said you already contacted EAC. Why you want another answer here then? The EAC people sometimes look into topics here, but all they say is “acount xyz got banned for the detextion of a paid cheat”


You got an answer. You got your appeal. The sentence has been confirmed. Now, go to jail.
And for the BPs, I don’t think they disappear from your Steam inventory. Create a new account and give them to yourself as a gift. Simple as that.

I want to give it a try. I hope it is a fault by EAC itself because I wasn´t cheating in rust.

Lurd please stfu. You didn´t read my first post correctly.

Exactly what part didn’t I read correctly? The “i didn’t cheat, it must me EAC’s fault” part? The “i got EAC banned”? The “I contacted EAC and they told me they detected a cheat” part? Tell me, I’m curious.

EAC bans can be wrong. That’s exactly why they let you contact them, but if they tell you that they detected a cheat, you’re pretty much done. There’s no further possibility to play for you except if you buy the game again on a new account.

Don’t take it wrong by him. 99.9% of the people that post here are just cheaters that try to get an unban by playing dumb.
Unless EAC finds an error somewhere, you have no chance. Insisting on searching for one will not work. Maybe you will get lucky later sometimes WHEN they find one and you didn’t cheat, but i would suggest you buy another copy with a new account and remove all the programs that might be seen as a cheat.

If I may correct you, your stats are wrong by 0.1%.

Guys I’d really do that. But read the Steam ToS: you are not allowed to create another account.

“It’s my brother’s account.”
Boom, you got your excuse in case they bother you (which they won’t, trust me).

Steam does not care. They care about the money they get. Its like the politicians, they say they fight corruption and take the money anyway ;).

Make a new account and never use any “helping” programs again. For no game.

EDI: nevermind

Kenpachi I used a trainer for GTA offline which is kinda funny (flying cars lol). I won’t create a new account. I am afraid of law problems. :confused:

heres a tip from elexar:

dont buy a game again that banned you when “you didn’t do anything that deserved a ban (aka cheat)”.
if i got banned for cheating in a game that i didn’t cheat in i’d sure as heck wouldn’t throw additional money at it just to give it another shot.

Unless, of course, you did (try to) cheat.

You have no other choice.

i’m yet to see anyone banned for having multiple accounts when one is no longer in use.

and with all due respect, you answered your own question in the op…

EAC have checked your account, and found that you had a positive detection for a cheat signature. it’s incredibly unlikely for a legitimate program to work the same as a cheat, and any errors EAC have experienced with ban lists etc they have immediately admitted to and rectified. so long story short, it’s more likely you are lying to us than it is a false ban. but the only people who can help you are EAC, who have already confirmed your ban.

OK, So you’ve had it confirmed by EAC that you’ve used cheats but you still want another confirmation …

The cheats you paid for were detected, I bet you were told they were EAC secure and now you’re in denial because they wouldn’t lie to you, would they?

To help you overcome this denial how about you tell us that you did cheat, it was a stupid thing to do, that you’ve deleted the cheat software (you can keep the GTAV trainer), that you’re not going to renew your subscription to the cheat, that you’re going to get a new account and a new copy of Rust and play nicely.

Or you could tell us it was your brother/room mate …

Holmzy so I can subscripe rust? I don’t understand this. How do I do that?

So you tell me creating a new steam account is fine? I dont think that my family plays this game…

He just confirmed it…HAX CONFIRMED