My friend was watching my house when i was gone a few weeks ago he played rust with cheat on his account, but he had the cheat on my computer Because he was at my place and played.
Now i got banned here a few hours ago even do i never used it on my account just had it on my computer how is that fair?
i know i should’t have let him install it but i didn’t think it could hurt me. can you please check?

if its not possible to fix and i buy a new rust can i play then? my friend told me it was locked to your computer or something?
I have deleted all his files.


(User was permabanned for this post ("cheat" - Holmzy))

The account has been banned from a definite detection of a pay-to-cheat payhack.

My Cat downloaded cheats when I was in work, he tought it would be fun to fly in rust and shoot nakeds with deadly percision from a bow… FROM KILOMETERS! Pls Gurry unbans meh… :(((

so what does that mean? if he buys me a new account will that get banned too? or can i play on that now that i have deleted everything?

You can play again with a new Steam account and a new copy of Rust.

ok thanks my friend will buy me an new one so all problems solved, only sad about the bps but shit happens ty for the help

^------- And this my friends is how Garry is able to afford nice things :goodjob: and Bravo