I went to refresh my page after i uploaded something and all of a sudden i see
"You’ve been banned. There’s usually 3 reasons why this could happen.
Uploaded something bad/stupid/against the rules.
Put obviously wrong tags on your download (tag spam).
Dumb Reports (report spam).
Don’t bother complaining because you’re not gonna get unbanned."

None of my uploads fit any of those reason they are just home made things like houses and bases.Any ideas?

#1 says you may have uploaded something stupid.

But how is uploading houses and bases more stupid than most of the crap on want to hear from garry himself why i got banned!

“Don’t bother complaining because you’re not gonna get unbanned”

hmm, not realy guna be any use

well, at least you can still download stuff, right?

No he can’t download stuff because his acount is banned from the website silly.

But maybe you didn’t put in the right tags? “Put obviously wrong tags on your download (tag spam).”

Or did you insult some one on disqus?(Doubt that has anything to do with it because I don’t even know)

But you must have done something stupid that got you banned so :stuck_out_tongue: for all we know you could be lieing about uploading a house and it could be porn Xd but who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

no, I can still download stuff. It just said on the bottom, “the site has blocked you from posting new comments”. I really dont care actually because I have facepunch :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t uploaded anything thats porn.

But you’re only banned for comments :stuck_out_tongue: not fully from

yeah, wut?

anyway, he can start a new account, right? <:D

You’re stupid. He can’t make a new account any more. is now logging in with steam accounts. Even if he makes a new account on steam it still wont work because he would have to re buy Garry’s Mod again.

Yeah,it seems as though i’m in a tight spot.

I meant a disques account you dumbass, garrys’ uses disques to make comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

IP Banning.

U have uploaded ur things into different tags like, npc or maps… etc.

He is banned from douche bag. Learn to read maybe no one here would think you’re a retard then because I’m sure disqus doesn’t say he was banned for uploading something because you can’t upload shit to disqus. And why would he make comments? He want’s to download stuff moron you’re so damn stupid it’s not even funny. Making a disqus account and commenting like a retard isn’t going to get him unbanned.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming / Trolling" - Terrenteller))



No need to troll, I dont spend my life on this computer unlike you douche!
SO stfu and I accept that you are right. Don’t be a damn dickface just because I was incorrect.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming / Trolling" - Terrenteller))

That is bad. you just need to be really careful in there. really really careful, upload only stuff that needs to be uploaded. :confused:

Sorry but I’m the one who has a job and you sit here thinking you’re the computer wizard? You don’t know how to read at all. Read carefully before you act like a retard and post something that isn’t even close to being helpful.

I just said exactly the opposite of computer wizard, lol your not being very helpful kiddo. Dont worry, if your lucky in the next few years you wont be a complete retard. Have a nice fucking day. :3

If I can state out my opinion then houses and bases ARE pretty unworthy and bad uploads.