BannedUser's Wiremod Server [WIRESVN/PHXSVN]

Some basic information regarding the server.

Server Name: BannedUser’s Wiremod Server [WIRESVN/PHXSVN]
Server IP/Port:
Dedicated/Listen: Dedicated
Gamemode: Sandbox
Slots: 10


As far as I know, I have all the content.

[li]Half Life 2[/li][li]Half Life 2: Episode 1[/li][li]Half Life 2: Episode 2[/li][li]Counter Strike: Source[/li][li]Day Of Defeat: Source[/li][li]Team Fortress 2[/li][li]Portal[/li][/ul]

We have a ton of addons on the server, but I will attempt to shorten the list down.

Main Addons:

[li]Wiremod [SVN][/li][li]Unofficial Wiremod Extras [SVN][/li][li]Phoenix Storms [SVN][/li][li]Play X[/li][li]ULX[/li][/ul]
Expression 2 Addons:

[li]Modified ‘hologram.lua’[/li][li]User Defined Functions[/li][li]Hud Rendering[/li][li]Prop Core[/li][/ul]

[li]Easy Precision[/li][li]Precision Alignment[/li][li]Ballsocket Center[/li][li]Axis Center[/li][li]No-Collide Multi[/li][li]Fading Door Tool[/li][li]Smart Constraint[/li][li]Unbreakable[/li][li]Buoyancy[/li][/ul]

Anything that doesn’t fit under the other headings.

[li]Wiremod updates at 4:00AM CST every night.[/li][li]All maps are compressed with BZIP2.[/li][li]Server uses fast download.[/li][li]Small but reliable administration team.[/li][li]Max props set at 250.[/li][/ul]

Very informative and awesome headers. I’ll join later because of that reason.

Hey you’re not the real Banned User! :psyduck:

Umm… Yes I am.

No you’re BannedUser not Banned User! Or are you an alt? :psyboom:

…What? I’m BannedUser.

Yeah, You’re BannedUser not Banned User… Right? :psyduck:


Nice headers.

Hmm… isnt BannedUser the guy who keept crashing our servers with the join crash exploit and threatened to DoS us?

But nice OP

He did stop it eventually, But yes.

He was the guy that used an exploit to crash multiple Gmod servers. Including those under the name “ByB”.

He also screwed of [TL] - TimsLand RP servers & website.


This you banned? Happened to your DarkRP server?


Yep, it is BannedUser.

He’s had that name for ages, built up a rep for being untrustworthy lol. So don’t shout at him for using the name, not his fault someone else has “Banned User”.

You may shout at him for being a douche most of the time though :slight_smile:

Times have changed, Pantho. Sadly, some people still know me as the cold-hearted troll.

Hey, I’m sorry if 1-2 months seems abit short for people to change.

After all, you have abused 2 gaming communities on Gmod already. Hate to call a kettle black, but blacks black.

lol byb the server with people can pay to become admin, epic fail.


You actually donated for admin, and then said fail? fail :wink:

This topic isn’t debating the morality on letting people donate for admin. I cannot afford to pay for the box myself, so we have a donation system. If you would like to debate that, or even debate anything about ByB on a topic for ByB feel free :slight_smile:

I was just replying to tell people about BannedUsers history. For all I know his sandbox server might be awesome. But if someone is going to go around crashing servers all day out of boredom, then they do not deserve any form of respect. He screwed of [TL] worse than he annoyed ByB, and I think he even paid for admin there :slight_smile:

You don’t pay. You donate, and as an award you get adminship for helping ByB community to stay up.

So you have misunderstood the concept of it.

Without the donations, the ByB would go down after some months. So giving adminship is as I said a thanks for helping ByB.

Why do you keep referring to “ByB” as if its not your own? You own the community… Anyway:

[li]Expression 2 patch has been applied.[/li][li]Admin modification switched to ULX.[/li][li]Buoyancy tool added.[/li][/ul]

Because I’m not arrogant?

ByB belongs to the scripters who put an incredible amount of time into the servers, it belongs to all the of the detonator’s and players.

The community has been around since March 2007 in some form, I was the creator but I have not built it alone. I am just the friendly voice behind the masses :wink:



Ontopic, add Waterizer :smiley:

That tool is so awesome for build.

This just makes me laugh, it seems your owner really want’s this thread to be flamed. As I saw from his thread titled “BannedUser ? BURN HIM DOWN!”, that is really childish, a quote from the moneky him self “So now my dare slaves! Flame his topic about the server! Tell him how bad he is!”. It proves the community is run by a moron.