Banners / Flags?

Sorry if this has been requested already

I think they should add banners that you can upload a custom emblem / crest too, then you would be able to put flags up around your base showing who you are loyal too, kind of like a clan crest. Then you could recruit smaller groups that have setup around your base or force them to show your flag on their base as a mark of your territory?

Would be good if you make an alliance with another clan and you could put posts around your territory as a warning, what do you guys think?

Maybe even armour with crests on?



been suggested in a few forms, but i’m definately up for this sort of thing. they ARE currently working on various forms of personal customisation, suppose we’ll see soon enough if this spreads to banners and the likes:)

You’re like the 20th person to suggest this in a new thread, to answer your question. This ideas been around since web player days.

Even I suggested it once, and I added that it should be spray paint on walls and shit, and you can paint it onto clothes as well.

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I also said its emergent because you can spray paint “get the fuck out of my valley” on someones walls or graffiti the bandits of the server