Banning help

In the Nuke Pack 4 I edited a few lines to ban the player though ULX if the player was not an admin and spawned a nuke (via adv dup)…

Nuke Pack 4/lua/entities/sent_nuke_missile/init.lua
[lua] self.Owner = self.Entity:GetVar(“Owner”,Entity(1))
if !self.Owner:IsAdmin() or !self.Owner:IsSuperAdmin() then
ULib.kickban(self.Owner,10080,“Exploiting, spawned nuke and not admin — 1 week ban”,"[Nuke Detector]")
elseif self.Owner:IsAdmin() or self.Owner:IsSuperAdmin() then
self.EmittingSound = false
self.NextUse = 0

	self.Armed = false



But for some reason it only seems to ban me if I spawn it (when I demote myself)


By the way, it is a dedicated server.