Banning these 2 ordinary speed hackers ?

Billehmine And Delerium are the top criminals… I know Garry said he doesnt care about speed hackers … but i mean, banning 2 players wont take a long time right ? I didnt record or capture any photo or vids … but i am sure a lot of players got high speed hatcheted by these 2 guys before. So please… banning these 2 guys will make the game much easier for us to test. Thankyou.

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Billehmine just speed hatcheted my door and broke in, destroyed my house

There are guys like these in all games, and lets face it, its good that they are doing it, with testing you got to do a lot of stuff so if i were you i’d do the same. until its patched out or left in.

No ?

whatever… people can’t be banned for finding loopholes in alpha’s, it up to the coder to sort it out and not have them in place, doing tests like these once found, you act upon it, and changed it, you can’t go banning people for finding this flaw, just get and find something for yourself and report. your in a test, unless your inexperienced in testing, its not a game, this what is done, this is what testing is about. Finding loopholes flaws and weakness not playing the game. Me being a veteran tester I know all about this. Just find the problems and report them. Don’t report the play testers.

No but why would i join them and use speed hack?