Bans causing a server-wide kick.

The only error message I have found is this:

 Disconnect: Client 7 overflowed reliable channel..  password failed.
L 01/18/2014 - 13:46:03: "[GG] Booker<4><STEAM_0:0:40410071><>" entered the game
prop at -1196 214 241 missing modelname
Unknown command "sv_tags"
Spawn waves starting.
Spawned 2 players in spawn wave.
Spawn waves ending, all players spawned.
[:Do Not Disturb:] Busy has banned [GG] Booker for 1 minutes with reason: hi!
L 01/18/2014 - 13:46:36: "[:Do Not Disturb:] Busy<3><STEAM_0:0:9310913><>" disconnected (reason "Client 0 overflowed reliable channel.")
[Ex] [:Do Not Disturb:] Busy(STEAM_0:0:9310913) has disconnected.
Dropped [:Do Not Disturb:] Busy from server (Client 0 overflowed reliable channel.)
L 01/18/2014 - 13:46:36: "[GG] Booker<4><STEAM_0:0:40410071><>" disconnected (reason "Client 1 overflowed reliable channel.")
[Ex] [GG] Booker(STEAM_0:0:40410071) has disconnected.
Dropped [GG] Booker from server (Client 1 overflowed reliable channel.)
userid "4" not found

That is the console debug. Normally a ban will temporarily freeze the server.

Here is the ban .lua from Exsto (Part of one big .lua for all administration):

Figured it out. This little bit is for anyone else with Exsto.

The database writing seems to be very inefficient. Bans are written to a database (permas to banned_users.cfg), when this database gets too large it seems to cause many problems such as:
-Other commands being slower
-Other databases being slower
-Bans causing a lag on the server
-Too much of the database sent to the client (Hence this little overflow)

So to anybody with this problem, reset your bans database. Tell staff to ban a month at most so it never gets too large.