Banshee Friend's Halo Prop Superthread

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Updating this thread as I continue to port since I’ve been unbanned. Hopefully I’ll be able to release new stuff soon.


released 7-18-2011

Halo 2 Human Props 0.98

Halo 3 Human Props 0.75

Halo Turf Props 1.0


released 7-22-2011

Halo 1 Human Props 1.1

Halo 2 Human Props 0.995

Halo 3 Human Props 0.89

Halo 3 ODST Human Props 0.22

Halo Turf Props 1.0

This release was rushed to make a deadline because I will be away for a couple days and I needed to get this out there. There’s some bugs, but none that will hinder your gmod gameplay experience. This release is best thought of as a Beta version, and will be updated and finished later. I also failed to get this on so for now please live with mediafire. I did take rather good screenshots of this pack but I was stupid and forgot to put them on my flash drives as I rushed this to another computer. I will add those later as well. This pack contains more than double the ammount release 1 had including release 1’s content, with some bugs removed. Some objects explode but won’t hurt you. This is my failed attempt at gibs and that will be fixed later. Feel free to give me feedback on how I can improve on this pack.
Edit: I also forgot spawnlists, shit. spawnlists are out of date, use browse. I’ll fix when I can get this out of beta.

Halo 1 Human Props 1.1 Beta
Halo 2 Human Props 0.995 Beta
Halo 3 Human Props 0.89 Beta

Delete the old Release 1 when installing Release 2, or you will get doubles. Simply place the contents of the zip folder in your addons folder.



I'll be taking requests


Awesome release banshee! Love the models.

Just what I need to complete my base savegame.

Very nicely done.

They aren’t the worst halo model released, but they can’t be called the halo props because they don’t match the ones in halo. I will give you commendations on being very close though.

The Shaders are Incorrect

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A++ hypocrisy will hypocresize again

Dammit you beat me to it.

Release 1 is as close as one can get to “perfect” shaders. Release 2 was rushed and has unfinished shaders. I am working to get them right. But thank you for posting without reading the op.

Then explain why they look like shit compared to Halo 3’s shaders

These look like crap, yet you parade around calling other people’s stuff bad when yours is much, much worse

Did you even try Release 1? I didn’t say his was bad, I was suggesting improving the shaders. The Release 1 Props have full original LOD, Good Collision, they’re well shaded to attempt to match halo’s original shader system. The Halo 2 props match down to the last detail map scale. And the soda machines have some of Halo 2’s original environment maps. the phong is adjusted to an algorithm so that it matches the shaders from the game which I can read using a Meta editor.

You’ve obviously never played Halo CE.

Not to mention do you even know what shaders are?..

It’s not just the lighting.

Halo 1 used simple cubemaps for Specular, and they didn’t look that great.

Halo Reach is an entirely different piece of software, and Phong does the models no justice…
Phong is overly shiny and honestly does not look anything like what you’d see in Reach.

The problem was that you gave no suggestion as to how he could go about improving them, and then proceeded to rant about how you can do them better.

I’m about to take a look at Release 1, I’m genuinely interested to see if you really do know what you’re on about.

That’s true, I apologize for that

Okay, so I took a look ingame at the Halo 3 props from release 1, and well, they don’t look bad, but they do look a little plastic because of the phong. Because of that I fail to see how your shaders are any more accurate than Korro’s.

Are you using specular maps?

No, but those props were created before I knew how to create phong textures. do env_map_masks work with phong in any way? the specular maps will be implemented in the final of Release 2. If you mean env_maps themselves, then not for Halo 3, as my texture deswizler does not support cube map extraction, luckily, half halo 3’s cube maps are the same as halo 1’s which I am able to convert to env_maps. I just haven’t gotten to doing that yet.

Env_map should only be used for reflective surfaces. Since most of these props are metallic, you should avoid using it. A specular map looks like this:

Basically the way it works is, the lighter parts of the texture reflect more light, while the darker parts mask light. Usually spec maps are seperate textures, however I found the crate’s spec map stored in the diffuse texture’s alpha channel. Source uses spec maps in a similar way, as they are stored in the normal map’s alpha channel. Since the alpha channel in the normal maps you’ve got are flat white, light reflects across the whole model giving it that plastic look. Here’s what happens when I put the spec map into the alpha channel on the normal map.

Left is before, right is after.

Looks much more metallic now.

I did have to play around with the contrast of the spec map as well as the vmt, adjusting the phong exponent values and fresnel ranges, but by doing so you’ll be able to come up with something more accurate to Halo 3’s shaders.

Now I hope this makes sense, because I’m currently at my 27th hour without sleep and may not make any sense right now.

PS: This goes for everyone, not just Banshee. USE SPECULAR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I knew where to find the original spec map,
so what shader command did you use? $basealphaenvmapmask 1? or some phong command?

No command needed. Just pop it into the normal map’s alpha channel and play around with $phongexponent and $phongfresnelranges. I’d post the exact vmt I used but in my tiredness I… long story short I replaced it with the old one and lost it. :frowning:

Oh, Interesting. Kind of like in Gamebryo. Thank you very much this is very helpful.

Great release Banshee looking forward to using them.

Banshee’s Halo 1 Covenant energy shield.