banshee reskin for fast zombie

anyone play Zombie master? Don’t we all love the banshees? i sure do lol and i would LOVE a reskin for the fast zombie to be a banshee :slight_smile: anyone willing to do this?

Hey how a bout a seperate npc all together, contains banshee and hulk and a lot of other crap.

ill use this for now but i still perfer a reskin of the npc thx for this link tho

the npcs didnt work. they just stand still and do nothing and when you walk up to them they attack you but theres no attacking animation. wtf :frowning:

guys please help me out here. can someone at least tell me were the corpes_1.mdl material sheet is located of were i can find it?

I think you may need dans snpc pack aswell.

i hae dans snpc pack i just tryed this pack still not working :confused: anyone know where i can get snpc’s from zombie master that really work ???

obviosuly noone can help me with this :C all the good skinners are too busy working on that perverse “sexy lammar” thing ._.

Ok one there is nothing wrong with the Sexy Lammar model. Two there is one or two people working on it not ALL. Also it isn’t just “reskinning” the model it would require rigging the model to work on the fast zombie animations. If the models bones don’t match up close enough it just isn’t gonna work.

Not trying to be rude just can’t stand someone who doesn’t have enough patience to wait.