Barack Obama plays Garry's Mod

Hey guys,

So this is my first post over here… I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod since it came out as a mod way back in the day, and I’ve never really felt the need to become a bigger part of the community until today… Main reason why is because I just put out a video using gmod… - “Barack Obama plays Garry’s Mod”

It’s the first video I’ve released from a “Barack Obama plays” series - basically, me with a soundboard trying to be funny - since I put out a video for Modern Warfare II over a year ago. When I released that video, it went viral within a few days, but I wasn’t able to get back into the series because I was wrapping college and two or three months from graduating. To date, it has 1.4 million hits.

Anyway, I decided to do a video in Garry’s Mod, firstly, because it is a smaller-than-COD community that knows how to have a good time in its game. It’s a fairly relaxed community that, now that I’ve got a job secured and all that other horrible-economy-related stuff, I felt was a good starting point for picking the series back up again.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. I’ve enjoyed the game and the servers I’ve been on over the years, and I felt it was time to do something more with it than just, you know, play it.

Thanks guys, and take care!

Damn dude. That’s a funny video. Do [media] on the URL OP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Done. Thanks for pointing that out!

a better name to troll with is Nobody, in ttt it wreaks havok

I love you forever.

That was amazing in every single way.

Alright that was pretty good. I laughed.

This is awesome. xD

This video needs more views. A LOT more views!

I think the funniest part was the beginning part to be honest.

Obama? In the Heezy?

Then share it :-D. The more people hear about it, the more people will watch it.

Shit, he’s gonna blow up Canada!

whats up! barak obama. IN THE HIZEY!

Great movie, how did you get the soundboard to work in-game?

I saw the Modern Warfare 2 video, it’s pretty cool.

I simply used a stereo audio cable to connect an iPod Touch to the mic jack on the back of my PC. The Apple Store has an app called Audio Obama with something like 150 Obama recordings… I run the app, connect the stereo cable as needed, hold the talk key on my PC and hit a sound on the Touch. Then the Touch basically becomes a microphone.

I could use something like HLDJ or whatever, but I found that this method works in every situation that uses microphone input. So literally ANY pc game that can use a microphone (even World of Warcraft), and anything on a console (I’ve been doing this on XBOX 360 as well) works with this.

Now we need a Barack plays TF2, mainly as a Demoman.

There was someone who came on our server, only it was terrible quality and generally wasn’t funny. He was banned.

Anyway, nice work.

Lol people can be so gullible! Could you possibly list some of the servers you played on? They looked interesting