Barack Obama plays Garry's Mod

I’m pretty sure most of those people knew it was a fake and just played along.

Still, hilarious.

Reminds me of the MW2 One.

I honestly have no idea what servers I was on… I would just join any server with a ping under 150 and more than ten people connected. It was getting tough after a while, because a lot of servers were actually banning me outright due to mic spam (which is understandable).

And yeah, it isn’t exactly like the MW2 one (which I also did), but it’s the same concept. I found that the Garry’s Mod community was incredibly polite and calm, unlike the MW2 community (which was saying the outlandish, racist things that are featured in the video). I’ve been filming in Team Fortress II for the past couple weeks and currently have around 17 minutes of footage for what will eventually become the third episode, and there is some really cold, ignorant stuff in there. So while I was thinking that the military-shooter-esque community lended itself to people who can’t get past who was elected president by a majority, it seems I’ve struck a nerve with that nitche in TF2 as well. So, if anything, that video should be just as awesome (and maybe even as popular) as the MW2 one.

Still, the gmod video was a great warmup for that, and really fun one as well.

I love you.

LOL! Just got Gmod today from a friend, it’s so good.

Lol. My name is Barack Obama on Steam but I don’t know how to do this. D:

What is that song that starts near the end?

please OP tell us i love it

There’s my JChat addon in the video

Is there anyway to do this with a soundboard on the PC?

“Are you a penishead?”



Awesome vid, if u like playing around in gmod and hav some fun, feel free to add me: Pimp_E (fastest way, it’s actually “Sgt Ellman”

Great job, had a good laugh.

Video made me lol.



the people you play with (in the game) are retarted lol
funny funny funny,
try doing one with arnold shwartzenICANTSPELLAUSTRIAN


I was expecting it to be crap.

I was wrong. It was amazing.

I couldn’t stop laughing. This was truly funny.

“Get out please.”

I love the morons who say “wow, he sounds a bit like Obama” when they’re ACTUAL RECORDINGS.

And I loved the guy saying “you should be mayor.”