Barack Obama plays Garry's Mod

Get out.


Uh, am I cool yet…?

How did you record the sounds with your mic? I tried this and it was just all muffled and terrible quality, and you could barely hear it.

I believe he said he used a iPod Touch as the mic, and played recordings (which were previously made sound files) from it.

But still, it wouldn’t sound very good

The song is a tune from Sonic the Hedgehog III - “Carnival Night Zone, Act 1”. What happened is, while Bandit Kitteh was dragging my body around and about to “take the president to an important meeting,” that song started playing (because Kitteh queued it on the server). I immediately stopped the song as soon as he disappeared from view because I thought it ruined the shot (at that point, I didn’t have any plans for music in the entire video) but after looking into the song and hearing the entire thing, I found that it was perfect for the video… So much, that i synced it up to the other clip of Kitteh that had the song, and then overlaid it on the rest of the footage that didn’t have the audio.

Kitteh knew I was recording, and I guess he wanted there to be a soundtrack on the video. He certainly gave me a good reason to do it.

The process I used is very similar. I describe it below this answer, but basically you’re going to need a second PC, or a laptop of some kind, to do it.

That’s pretty much what I did. There is a stereo headphone jack on the iPod Touch, and a matching microphone jack on the PC. All you need is to connect your microphone jack directly to the headphone jack on your Touch, or any other device that has a headphone jack (an iPad, a second PC or laptop, a CD player from 1994 if that’s your choice, etc.). Then, anything you hit on that second device is heard through the mic jack on the PC. Unmute microphone audio so you can hear it, and when you press something, hit the talk button in-game so everybody hears your graceful soundboard jockeying (or maybe you’re playing Lady Gaga’s new album in Blacks Ops. I don’t know… It’s all up to you).

The soundboard I used specifically is “Audio Obama” - has about 15 pages of audio clips all falling into different categories, and is probably one of the best and easiest-to-use soundboards I’ve ever seen, especially on something like a Touch. It’s available on the Touch, the iPhone, iPad, etc.

Awesome vid!

Or with the first video,

“Get off your ass and fix this country.”

For your next video you should do Obama on a CS:S Jailbreak server.
See how many kids believe him.

Awesome video.

Cool video :v:

wow laughing my ass off never thought he would play it

Technically, he didn’t. :wink:


That was awesome.

OMG! Obama playing Gmod? Does he also spawn props beyond the prop limit!? :smiley: Or maybe propose rules that dont work for 80% of the server!? :slight_smile: Does he also tax the server hardware?

I get your humor but the way you told the jokes was terrible.

I loved how serious those roleplay guys were.
“I am the president of the united states…”

“Don’t worry Obama, you are safe with me. Now you can work on your plan to… Uhh… Blow up Canada!”
I lol’d man keep these coming PLEASE

haha i laughed my ass off so hard good job i hope to see more of these from you

“Obama’s hitting me with his crowbar! D:”
This is brilliant. Now I have to go watch the CoD one.