Baraka VS Jill

Full HD Size:

Loving the sparks on the wall.

Wow, Jill is a badass
you need to stop
you make me feel bad

This series you’re doing just kicks so much ass, Mask.

venom vs spider-man pls

Jill does not give a single fuck.

great lighting!!

But theres no decent ragdolls of them.

There is that new game out though…

hint hint

wink wink

Baraka goes “Dat ass… AAARGHH”

Lovely light work:smile:

Eek, jill watch it…

nah. to obvious.
doin’ MK crossovers first.
but you could suggest who
should fight venom or spiderman.

Venom vs. Scorpion

misread Jill as Bill, expected Vietnam kung-fu fighting

wasn’t disappointed in the slightest

Venom vs Terminator

Cyrax vs. Xan Kriegor!

I was going to say Stryker vs Chris Redfield, but Squiddy’s works too.

… MK crossover … !?

Leon Kennedy vs Chris Redfield?

Doesn’t really matter who’s in it, just as long as you keep 'em coming.

That being said, I think any of the MK9 robots fighting anything from Mass Effect could be pretty epic. Lots of lasers n’ shit.