As far as I know there aren’t many good medieval models or any barbarians from the frozen north. Is it possible for someone to make some. Some scary looking dudes with scars and little to no armor. Fur for clothing and torn clothing at that. Long beards/hair…Something like this idea…

I’m itchin’ to make a LONG comic based off of one of my favorite books…It will re-interpret the book in comic style. If anyone is keen of doing this request then I have plenty more if someone is looking for something to do.

Try Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2. They have some neat-looking Norse Vikings.

I like some of the clothing options on these guys and such. But I need something a little bit different. Like people who have been living in the woods for years and feel awkward in large crowds…like those kind of savages. More fur and more scars and such. But thank you for the comment. It’s just that the viking they have now is too generic. Like I can’t use that one model for 5 different characters. And he isn’t even wearing a shirt or improvised cloak or anything.

But there has never been that kind of savages in the north.
All of the people in the above artwork look like more authentic vikings.

Vikings were civilized people.

I think you’re talking about gauls and celts.

I’m talking about in a fantasy type of realm. I’m basing my ideas off of a book.

They look pretty much like the M&B Nords… Sea Raiders would work too.

Nord illistrations:

Yeah I like that kind of stuff. Anyone into working on something like this?