Barbed Wire Layer Tool

One of the things which always has bugged me regarding making fortfications in Garry’s Mod is just simply… It fucking lags or doesn’t fit the need of certain things. I’m here on per-request that someone can make a barbed wire layer tool which works somewhat like the rope tool, but stops a player from entering somewhere, and damages them.

If you can take the wire from these models aswell… That would be epic

So Joe, what’s the objective, dealing damage only or pushing the player back? Also, I don’t think a tool will do it, But sure I can get you a SENT.

If you can make a sent that would be awesome aswell, and the main objective for this is too lower the lag created by using props to make door, and all that stuff. Basically by creating a barbed wire fence you can keep people out without costing too much too keep them out.

Sorry for lateness, but, by keeping them out, what EXACLTLY do you want it to do?
-> Ragdoll the player for a while (See my BIKE/Skate SENT on the TOYBOX)
-> Hit the player and send him back a lil’.
-> Really just stop him.

And you want THOSE models, or does it HAVE to be a tool that creates such wires?

Push the player back a lil’ with some damage. Either way is fine.

I’ll do the SENTs, just wait till’ I have some time.

Alrighty, thanks man!

I’ll do the TOOL first I guess.
Would you mind getting me some barbedwire seamless textures while I try doing the rest?

I’ll see if I can find a barbed wire texture.

You would be better off with Rolls of barbed wire or Concertina! You could have a kind of rope-tool with a distance limit that spawns a long roll of barbed wire around an invisible wire.

By the way Johnny, this prefab has a barbed wire texture file inside of it, and looks very good!