Barefoot Amy and Rouge

Is it possible for someone to give the Amy and Rouge the Bat radolls barefeet, 4 toes on each foot? I just got a new beach map and I was going to have them in it (no furry shit. I would never sink that low)

Please don’t kill me…

Models from here:

Sonic characters and a secretly hidden foot fetish?

He isn’t Quentin FUCKING Tarantino, no one has a foot fetish these days.

Probably wants it for a tickle fetish pose.

I do.
So don’t make these assumptions again.

[sp]But I do not support OP.[/sp]

EVERYONE is into something, whether we find it bad/strange/creepy or not.

You’d be surprised.


You don’t want to know what I’m into

I know a lot of people that are into quite a few fetishes, I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked.

I’m into slightly crooked right eyebrows.