Barfed Up

First time editing puke :3


I have no idea how you made this but it is pretty cool :slight_smile: Well done.

Teach me your lighting secrets.
Also how many lamps can you use before it all goes borked an weird?
Shit goes haywire on seven lamps for me.

Also if there’s any major console tweaks you use for the graphics, can you mention them?

Usually the lamps spazz out on me if I go over five. It use to be seven but then it changed, for me anyway. Not sure why they even spazz out at all really.
And I can’t think of any console tweaks I’ve used. It’s all pretty much standard stuff here!

Quick question: I have L4D1 and 2 mounted but am only able to use L4D2 Special Infected. Is there a way I can use both versions?

They don’t both work at the same time because they have the same model path and name, so you’d need someone to hex the L4D2 ones.

And then he goes boom.

Looks like Mr Boomer had a little too much to drink…


I’d like to know where you got that cop coach reskin.

Snazzy lights like always.

I can hex the L4D1 infected nigs if you need them as soon as I get home.

Fuckin’ Macs…

Somewhere on FP…I THINK. It’s been years since I downloaded it.

Thanks! And yes, I would be very grateful if you did that! :slight_smile:

The only thing I don’t like about the barf is that it doesn’t look like it has a lot of density to it. It’s more of a spray than a blast.

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Posing is pretty

Looks beautiful, but I’d agree with fatass on the barf. Nice work with it, though.

I have no clue as to where he got the model for Garry’s mod but here is the page where I found the skin for use in L4D2 if it is any help. It is under the coach header and I am pretty sure that it is the one called coach_nypd. I may be wrong though.

I love the Frank West reference.

A’ight homie. Here they are. Though, someone who knows VMTs better than me should take a look at the Hunter because he’s got some Iron Man super metal rim light shit going on.

Thank fuck this wasn’t another Jill request from DA like I thought it was going to be. :v:

Love Cop Coach. Copoach?

You made Boomer looks more scare. PUKE!!