Made this a while ago. Thought I’d finally upload it.
While I’m here does anyone know a good way of making everything completely smooth. I just saw a post on how improve sources shadows but not models.

Bargain, the smash-hit action thriller of the century

starring Lt_C and [del]Simple[/del] Super DoF

First of all change jpeg_quality 90 to jpeg_quality 100 in console.
Remember to max everything from setting before taking picture.
Use ‘Super DoF’ instead of ‘Simple DoF’
Remember to check ‘Bloom’ and see if you can improve/decrease blooming.

Is this that scene where LT shot first?

I know they changed it in the director’s cut.

i love your gfx.
what card do you have

I was using Super DoF though… at least I think i was.
As for quality I forgot all about that stuff. Thanks for reminding me.
Use to be the case where I’d snap first regret later.

My GFX card it just a Gainward 9600gt