Barioth (Monster Hunter Tri)

What you get when you mix a saber-toothed tiger with a wyvern.


  • Eye posing
  • Finger (claw) posing (feet)
  • 2 skins (black and regular)
  • 4 sizes (0.3x small, 1x regular, 3x big, 7x bigger)




Things to note:

  • Model can be hard to pose.
  • Can only grab the wings by the tips (bones).
  • Main part of the wings are attached to the forearms, which can rotate pretty far.

Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model.

Also on Toybox.

Hahah awesome, fucken awesome:)

Nice, favorite monster from Tri. Much appreciated.

His head looks so cute :smiley:

Hey how do you change/swap between the skins again?

Skinswitcher switches the skins.

I’m seeing a lot of these Monster Hunter ports. Do you think it’s possible to port something from Demon’s Souls?

I doubt that, checked up the game and its PS3, these models are from the Wii :slight_smile:

Thanks! Now I can beat the shit out of this thing, since I can’t seem to be able to do it in MHIII.
It’s to. FUCKING. FAST!!!

Barioth may be fast, but that means it tires out faster then the other monsters. When exhausted, it taunts from 3-7 seconds.

Hey Oogabooga, got done messing with him. Is there something up with his front paw’s collision model?

He has those cleats/spikes on the pads of his front feet, which stops his front paws from resting directly on the ground. Maybe its just the map I was on, I dunno. But otherwise, I love it. Where’d you get this second skin from(the black one)?

His head looks dopey, like the flying walrus monster thing Peguila from Ultra-Q. (I’m not the only one here who’s heard of that (old) show, right? Made by Tsubaraya productions before they did Ultra-Man, pretty much the Japanese Twilight Zone back when Twilight Zone was new?).

Still, though, another great MH release. Once you’re done with the long line of MH bosses, would you consider ripping the rest of the monsters from Godzilla Unleashed? I know it’ll be a long time before you’re through with the MH monsters, but I decided it was worth a shot to ask.

I noticed those spikes too, and I do remember removing them from the physmodel. Does this happen with all sizes? Maybe I forgot to export the new physmodel. :v: I guess you’ll have to use the No Collide World tool. The second skin came in the .brres. I’m surprised you didn’t know about it.

I do have a big queue of things to port, with limited time. Since rigging from ripping takes too long, Godzilla models are lower on the queue. Gojira 2000 I guess was done as a test of rigging more ragdolls from rips. I do have some other models I want to do after Monster Hunter.

Okay then, thanks anyways!

Oh yeah, that second skin is the rage skin!

I think every monster had it, its black, because the game itself applied shaders over it to show the glowing red eyes/body parts of the Barioth. Like, in Photoshop if you used multiply on a blue layer over a picture of a yellow duck.