barnacle mod plz

The Barnacle Eat only Npc is that possible make it Eat player too

ex im playing online

a noob get taken by barnacle the barnacle eat him like a normal Npc

thx for help

I really hope you’re just trolling.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))

Lets try it first, good idea, right?

anyone know how ???

It already does eat them? Oh the ragdoll, it was never implemented in source

the barnacle dont eat player it Bite them it bite 3 or 4 time after the player die and fall down

i want a script who make the barnacle eat the player like a NPC is that possible

It’s possible, but your probably not going to find anyone that will want to script an entire npc that is rarely used to add one feature that barely does anything.

ok lol