Barnacle Ragdoll Remover

It’s more of a fun thing.

You have a barnacle (it would have a different skin I would presume or something) and if a ragdoll passes under it’s tounge it would suck it up and eat it, no matter what it is. It can’t be killed, only removed. Does not effect players, props, etc just ragdolls. This means if you parachute ragdollize yourself and go under it’s tounge you would die when it eats you. This way you shouldn’t fuck the server up.

It could be an NPC or an ENT. Must be placed on the roof, ofc :pseudo:

I came up with this idea when I had a thought about barnacles eating mossman (lolwut I don’t know D:) and thought “Barnacle eating ragdolls…wait that’s a good idea”. Irrelevant reason but… ah well.

Don’t they do that already?

erm… they already do that.
i made a barnacle eat a hole squad of combine elites :lol:

They only do it to NPC’s.

I mean shoving a ragdoll under it and it just removes it, if you’re too lazy or just want to see barnacles eating ragdolls on a server with no NPC’s.

it would be hard to have an NPC eat stuff on a server with no NPCs…

Lol indeed.